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Tanka: 25 – The Mechanic Thought

she spoke in cursive.

speaking softly. word to word.

she spoke in riddle.

he said, “she’s a Gemini.”

I’m a Cancerous old man.


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Tanka: 24

I can hear the breeze,

sounding like a faint whisper.

tells me its secrets.

the sun and the moon battle,

but love more than You or I.


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Tanka: 21

Sometimes you force truth.

Sometimes it comes easily.

It never matters.

Let the music warm your heart.

Let her sound slow down your soul.


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Every Great Man Dies With a Gut

Everything in life

moves fast. I watched the sun split

the moon, again. and

There’s too many stars

tonight, to pick one for us.

There’s too many stars, faded and used,

to pin one to my

wall and find peace in her hue,

finding my way home to it,

thinking it might work.

You can stay awhile,

waste time and slow down, again,

light a cigarette.

Light a smoke for me,

and give me time to think.

I really don’t think

that I wholly understand

just where I should go from here.


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Ripped Apart By A Werewolf (pt 4)

starring the beast right

in the eyes, heart pounding hard,

you’re mouth is dry, he

leaps, you let out a cry, now

another man dies


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The Revolting Rendezvous (pt 3)

gasping for air, you

have to rest, killing the beast

is your last chance, wait

for the beast in a stance, now

it starts to advance

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Disastrous Dyspneic (pt 2)

you’re running, you’re scared,

and you’re being followed, all

you hear are footsteps

and howls, lurking nearby, a

fucking werewolf prowls


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Full Moon Monstrosity (pt 1)

out of the darkness,

the full moon appears, no one

around you, you can

only feel fear, deep in the

woods, death may be near

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Wasted Revival

boy, its been a long

time, im shit faced on wine, this

moment feels right, i

sit here and type, Sangretti

will we get drunk soon?


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Tanka: 20

Did you see me there?

I sat quiet and alone.

Now as time changes,

as with the flowers, the birds,

and all Dove’s creatures – I’ve grown.


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