Brass Tax

Well, I guess I could have laid it all out a lot sooner; however, I’ll lay it down now.

Words of Birds is a collection of poems, stories, thoughts, letters, screenplays, monologues, ideas, or anything really – that had no other home (in other words was created with no purpose).

I told my friends,

“Give me your leftovers and let them be read!”

So there you go.

— Sangretti

& The Birds



Well…this sure is strange.

It seems we’ve reached a flock of 2,000 and we (the Birds) couldn’t be any happier!

We’d like to thank each and everyone of you individually for helping us reach this rather impeccable feat; however, I hope you understand that we’ll have to settle through this rather vague form of thanks – sorry about that.

But! Some of us Birds have been talking, thinking and deciding and we’d like to think we have come across a superb idea which we hope some of you may like.

  • First – Talking) We’ve reached 2,000 followers with the intent of using the tiniest of publicizing as we wanted Words of Birds to grow naturally.
  • Two- Thinking) We’d love to double the amount of followers/viewers in record time and realize that we should start “advertising”.
  • Three-Deciding) Advertisements tend to be boring.

This is where we hope to have all you guys help.

Take a minute out of your day and be a Bird with us, even if just for a moment.

We, the Birds, have started scribbling Words of Birds on desks, benches and bathroom stalls.

We’ve started sticking post-it notes in books we’ve rented from the library which read “Words of Birds.”

I haven’t seen any shirts yet, but I’m working on it.

Maybe tomorrow a town may awake to a new graffiti piece across a viaduct everyone passes under on the way into town.

Or something as simple as a re-blog.

O’Holy Dove willing, someone might take notice to this continental migration of our love of words and set out to figure out what it means.

O’Holy Dove willing, maybe someone might like what they see.



99 responses to “Brass Tax

  1. = tacks? or = ” … but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Or both …

    Thanks for the like and follow!

  2. Thank you for liking my writing and following – I visited your site and discovered our collective aims are similar and I was moved by your work – so add me to your list of followers.

  3. feelingjoy

    Thank you for visiting, following and liking my post “Heart and Love”. I enjoyed my visit at Word of Birds!

  4. Thank you for following my blog today! :-)

  5. Thanks for following my blog! I love your site and will be back often.

  6. Thank you for the like and follow. This is a really cool thing, I look forward to reading the ever continuing collective works.

  7. Hello there! You’ve got a great voice here at Words of Birds. I am intrigued. Thanks very much for the recent follow. I look forward to reading more.

  8. Hello Sangretti,

    Thank you for the “Follow”. I looked around a little and like what I read/saw. Am also following your blog :-)

    Cheers, Eric

  9. violetannie63

    Thanks for following me! It is much appreciated :)

  10. Thank you for reading and following. It’s a real education to follow back!!

  11. Thanks for the like and follow! I wish a best english to enjoy your work, ill try, looks very interesting.

  12. Hi, Loved your blog. I hope you n your birds continue with creative add-ons :). Thanks for liking my post and following my blog. Its my pleasure to follow yours too… as our likings seem to match up :P

  13. Janni P.

    Hello, thank you for the liking of my recent post and you following my blog. :-)

  14. Cool Site! Thanks for visiting and following.

  15. Thanks for visiting

  16. Hello!
    I would like to tell you that i’ve nominated you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOG AWARD. you can check it out here

    Have a great day!
    -Catherine Joy

  17. nice “leftovers” !!!!!!!

  18. Love your blog. Thank you for following mine. :)

  19. I love your ingenuity!!! Thank you for visiting and following my blog.

  20. thepensivecartographer

    Thanks for the follow — much appreciated. I also dig what you’re aiming to do here — I, too, save the scraps. You never know what treasure you find in the scraps.

  21. Thanks for the follow and the visit.

  22. Great blog! I love your work and I appreciate that you came and dropped by my little blog lol. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more :-)

  23. Amy

    Fabulous blog! So glad you stopped over and liked my haiku – because it led me here to you! :)

  24. Your poems are a real pleasure!

  25. rehobothhouse

    Thanks for the visit.
    Interesting stuff here. Come
    again; will come too.

  26. Hey, I’d like to nominate you for the Sunshine Award. I think that your blog is amazeballs and offers a greatly inspirational and cultural material. If you would like to accept the award, then here are the rules:

  27. Hi there guys! Not to be redundant, but I really do enjoy your blog so I was going to nominate you for the Sunshine Award as Jay has done before me. Your work is brilliant, keep it up! I wrote a little blurb about why I chose wordsofbirds on my blog if you ever want to check it out :D

    D x

  28. I dunno if you know, but I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with your work, so I’ve nominated you for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award. See here for more info:
    Thanks for sharing yourself, and thank you for being so super inspiring! xoxo

  29. Lovely poetry. Thanks for the follow.

  30. Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog :) Yours seems pretty interesting too, I shall be returning!

  31. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The poetry is lovely!

  32. Cai

    Not a bird but coyotes have been known to chill with ravens. awesome nest you’ve created here.

  33. Forgive me if I missed or didn’t get it..but why Words of Birds? Love all the bird analogies though and being a bird person gotta like the idea! And the bits of writing with no of this or that. Small things can lead to big things. Lots of short stories turned into novels and so on!! Or even journal writing as a basis for later works…so keep at it!! I like the bits.

    • Thanks! There’s not really a cool reason behind the Words of Birds name, I just like birds and thought it sounded cool. All my friends on the blog are birds though, I guess that’s where it came from ha

  34. Well it does have a nice ring to it and I really like your cute banner drawing!! So much detail to look at and humor too!! Good enjoyable site!

  35. Hello . You liked my post ‘Random beauty’. If you have sometime, could you let me know what exactly you liked about it. And please feel free to express your views on my earlier posts as well… would be interesting to know your understanding of them. Thanks .

  36. lahsuak

    Thank you for following my blog.

  37. Nice poems here!! Keep up the good work.

  38. spb

    Dear Word… or is it Bird,

    Thanks for winging over to — for following whatever verbal and/or visual images may arise and appear there during the next unfolding cycle… or two. You may also enjoy — where I share daily discoveries of creative women’s lives, words, and works.

    Ta for now, Susan Bourne

  39. Hi Birds,
    I have nominated you for a Libester Award – If you accept it, please visit my page to see what this is all about:

  40. I like your blog! So much so I’m listing you as one of my ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers’ – I promise it’s real. If you want to read more, just see here (though I don’t think it’s as formal as it may appear):

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