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Scar Tissue

This lasts forever
Like heavy deep scars
gouges healed
but visible
on the heart
on the soul
on the mind
All corrupting the future
with scar tissue
big and bulging out
completely visible
sitting at the bar
hunched over
drink in hand
completely alone



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Tanka: 20

Did you see me there?

I sat quiet and alone.

Now as time changes,

as with the flowers, the birds,

and all Dove’s creatures – I’ve grown.


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Tanka: 14

oh, headache, fuck me.

please give me some room to breathe.

get out of my way,

my head hurts, I don’t need help,

I don’t want help, leave me be.


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True Charity

You ever wonder that if one more person had said a kind word fate would have followed a different path?
Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t have shot himself, square in the head.
I’d make that gamble;
To be kind in order to maybe, just maybe, save a life?
What do YOU have to lose from that act?
How much would one more word have changed the future?
Now he’s gone.
And you can’t commit to the act now.
There’s no more game to gamble.
Only one lesson learned.


It could LITERALLY save a life.


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