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I Saw a Hawk With a Broken Wing and Everyone Was Staring (another draft (pending review))

I’ve read the things you’ve written,

not to say I don’t like them,

just not what I usually read.

I ate 3 eggs for breakfast,



green beans,

12 oz steak twice in 12 hours.

and not to say I know what I’m doing,

but I’m finding I’m capable at quite a few things.

Gonna try and make it to San Diego in two years,

get on that house boat and float around a while.

Some say money is trouble,

do things to help others –

I only think of myself.

Save another hundred,

pay some loans ,

do what I want.

I use to read these poems.

I use to when I was 14,

give or take,

short syllables,

lots of punctuation,

real emotion.

I use to think someday things would just go as planned,

I use to plan,

I use to plan to much.

I use to write everyday,

Now I’m not even writing.

Just thinking,






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Tanka: 22

simple sun. show me

love. show me strength in numbers.

show me your secret.

“we all need a change of view,”

he said, “we all need some change.”


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Sleight of Heart

I feel cold…inside and out. It was traumatizing just to even say such a thing to her. Letting out all of those thoughts was a true challenge, I almost couldn’t bear it. Yet there I sat, with my face adamant and stern. How could I even bring myself to continue the conversation, how could I add more insult to injury? Telling her I don’t know if I’m still in love with her was tragic enough, let alone me adding in the fact that I may be attracted to other women who share similar interests with myself…and to this day I will forever cherish Gavree in my heart. Sometimes I ask myself if she is the one for me, sometimes I think she only clings to our very relationship because “it is comfortable and feels right”. At the end of it all, I am confused still…yet I want to play it out to see how it is suppose to be in the end. Time will tell and The Lord will show me what Must do. Until then, I will follow my heart and try to fix the love that seems broken between us, hopefully the spark she once had in her eyes will return to ignite my passion towards her.


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Tanka: 20

Did you see me there?

I sat quiet and alone.

Now as time changes,

as with the flowers, the birds,

and all Dove’s creatures – I’ve grown.


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Tanka: Twenty: Red Matthews

Do not fear what will.

Embrace what change can create.

Look forward each day.

As a bird of a feather,

may we find flight together.



New author.

Look forward to the addition of the –

Oracle of Bird Pond.

A mystic among men.

Red Matthews.


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Remarkable Change

It fills a part of me that nothing else does.

Or ever has.

And maybe ever will?

It’s an odd sensation.

One that tingles at the deepest nerve in the body.

Change creates remarkable situations.

The road just keeps winding around the tallest mountains called Time.

But oh, what beautiful and wonderful forests I travel through.

Onward I walk; sometimes I run.

And sometimes I crawl.

Change creates remarkable individuals.

It brings about characters that a person will never forget.

Always ringing in the mind.

Always tingling the deepest nerve in the body.


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Tanka: 1

O’ holy, aged and

new. Following your dreams, aged

and new. Listeners,

listen – Willow Hutton – O’

holy / what will come of you?


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