At this Place

At this place in my head everything done life running smoothly, heart decided, why did you choose me. There’s only room for one at this fork in the road.
At this place

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Tanka: 25 – The Mechanic Thought

she spoke in cursive.

speaking softly. word to word.

she spoke in riddle.

he said, “she’s a Gemini.”

I’m a Cancerous old man.

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haiku: 36 (unconventional haiku 1)

like a junkie

all my energy leaves me

3 hours after I wake.

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I Saw a Hawk With a Broken Wing and Everyone Was Staring (another draft (pending review))

I’ve read the things you’ve written,

not to say I don’t like them,

just not what I usually read.

I ate 3 eggs for breakfast,



green beans,

12 oz steak twice in 12 hours.

and not to say I know what I’m doing,

but I’m finding I’m capable at quite a few things.

Gonna try and make it to San Diego in two years,

get on that house boat and float around a while.

Some say money is trouble,

do things to help others –

I only think of myself.

Save another hundred,

pay some loans ,

do what I want.

I use to read these poems.

I use to when I was 14,

give or take,

short syllables,

lots of punctuation,

real emotion.

I use to think someday things would just go as planned,

I use to plan,

I use to plan to much.

I use to write everyday,

Now I’m not even writing.

Just thinking,





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In Honor of Servicemen/Flag Day


Where I’ve been, I know not many have gone.
I faced adults when I was only a kid.
I let anger work it’s way inside me when I should have just RESPECTED the person next to me.
I LOVED when I should of been angry with the person behind me.
I endured weather that would force common folk inside for shelter.
I competed with my very own brothers.
I lied about my life to women who only cared about who I was to them.
The leaders I followed screamed to hurry up when there’s infinite time in the universe.
I watched few break, and believe not one did.
I left my family to defend and support themselves.
Where I’ve been I know not many have gone.

This is in honor of all who wear the  uniform
Delta Company 210

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We are incomplete if our heart says.
I don’t have any answers if your deciding on who can be totally honest…if my heart was complete I’d have more answers. When someone says broken hearted I think about how could they know.
We meet as strangers and think we can tell if someone is honest. It should be about that, but other things come up. Dating and courting have fallen into a mix, the fun is drying and the hearts have too many incompletes. I’m around rolling.


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A Roar at the Zoo

Calming down for the day, I’m thinking of a zoo,  how the animals are given food, shelter and a mate. Life is handed to them. Would humans be less inclined to roar if we had it handed to us?
Bird Murder

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