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Guest Check Poetry: 233679

His face grew cold, his bones were old.

His story was timeless, it deserved to be told.

Sit with him, pray to God – “Wait.

Let him gather his memories, from each a lesson can be made.”

Say “Goodbye” – for a first, for a last,

Try and blame time, who took a hero too fast.

Laying outside, in the light of the moon.

I still see him in starts that explode too soon.

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Every Great Man Dies With a Gut

Everything in life

moves fast. I watched the sun split

the moon, again. and

There’s too many stars

tonight, to pick one for us.

There’s too many stars, faded and used,

to pin one to my

wall and find peace in her hue,

finding my way home to it,

thinking it might work.

You can stay awhile,

waste time and slow down, again,

light a cigarette.

Light a smoke for me,

and give me time to think.

I really don’t think

that I wholly understand

just where I should go from here.


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Alone at midnight in a desolate field, empty for miles.

The sheer vastness of the darkness presses down upon me.

My heart beats with despair and I look around for something to grasp onto..

but only nothingness surrounds me.

Desperately I turn my eyes upward.

My heart quickens its pace,

but now it races in awe.

I see the beauty that is stretched above me,

for I see thousands of steadfast lights in the night sky.

And it’s not just the familiar constellations,

but the comets, planets and stars of galaxies and systems far beyond.

And I realize the brightest lights are merely single stitches in the blanket of intricate beauty of all that is above me.

After drinking in as much of the scene as I can,

I begin to cast my eyes downward in contemplation

but catching my attention

is a falling star streaking across the sky.

I know it’s for me, and only me.

I smile in revelation:

I could never have seen the true beauty of the light

had I not made the journey through the darkness.


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