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That’s crazy.

Thank you.

– Words of Birds


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I Could Not Decide On A Title: Pt. 2

Muse: writing.

Creativity: sparking.

Where have all the good words gone?


Does a great poem come from witty lines and sudden breaks: creating rhythm?


Does a true poem form from,

The dawn on dewy mastheads,

Navigating pretty landscapes,

And showing the world exactly where,

The man met the road so long ago?


Or does it contain

Itself within syllables

Slowing being said

Rising in beauty: the sun

Setting in contempt: the moon


Are we too contained?

Hiding natural talent,

Scared of what might be?


Late night lullabies,

keep me awake at night.

O’Holy: let me sleep.


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Tanka: 11

muse: writer – solace!

holy praise, ever great thanks!

Smile from each ear!

Today sun presented chance.

The moon, with grace, brought rejoice.


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I Don’t Even Know You

i dont know who you

are, i like you sincerely,

birds together as

one, team made informally,

thanks willow coordinately!

memo: I appreciate you liking my writings and I like yours as well. Although we may not know each other, us birds fly strong. Basically I’m saying, even if I am more recent than you, this blog is a great thing, but you already knew. Keep voicing your opinion and let everyone know, the birds will continue to put on a good show! Thanks to Willow Hutton!


ALSO: A thanks to all you bloggers who sit there and read, and like the thoughts of which we create. It’s really great to have people that care, so again thank you from all of us here!!!


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Tanka: 9: A Thanks

Cracked another beer,

look at what I have yet done,

read, write and repeat,

and give thanks for all that which

I have been given from You.



Thank you everyone who has been “blowing up” Words of Birds recently!

It is being very much noticed and we are all so full of joy that some people out there in this world appreciated our words and thoughts.

Thank You,

— Sangretti & The Birds

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Thanks To Sangretti

for nothing at all

you know i dont give a fuck

cus we have boots on

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