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the best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry

The big picture only shows a static image,

and it’s still not enough to learn from.

Ambiguity lived in a constant rotation that only seemed to increase with speed and regularity, no longer finding the same beauty that once awoke him in the early hours to gawk through his window in awe upon and in so he was forced find more windows.



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Escaping the Mazes

Mazes upon mazes of glass mirrors

Wrapped inside a house of cards

Finding yourself amidst the fog and the confusion

Ever so gently as to not sweep the entire masterpiece away

All that you have…away

Judge wisely, dear girl

The King could knock down more than just the masterpiece

Brutally, brutally

Think for a spell

And your entire world has gone to hell

To get a smile out of your misery; they laugh, they laugh

One reflection smiles back confidently

While another shakes its head; avoiding your gaze

Is it right? Was it right?

Never-ending twists, unforgettable turns

Will we ever find the way, away

Or such is life?

Constant mazes

Constant mirrors

In a not-so-constant house of cards

Will we ever find the escape?


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