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Tanka: 22

simple sun. show me

love. show me strength in numbers.

show me your secret.

“we all need a change of view,”

he said, “we all need some change.”


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APPLAUSE FOR TYRANNY (a poetic revenge opera): CONTENTS

This is a poetic story I wrote about anger and confusion.  

Loss and need.

Power and strength.

Good and bad.

Right and wrong.

Tyranny and revolution.

Hope and sadness.

I wrote this to overcome the fear of the early 2000’s that I had developed and in response to the repression that I had felt because of it. 

Over the next 5 weeks I will deliver each chapter.

I hope you enjoy.




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We are lions

Roar to your own sound

Claw to your own methods

Mark your own territory

We are lions

Let your will be known

Let your heart be true

Listen deeply to what’s your truth

We are lions

For step we take

For every strike we make and life we take

It must be your own way not fake

We are lions

To be the prey is a life of blind disarray

You cannot follow or alone be stray

I’m proud and loud when I say

I am lion

I will find my hunters path

I will not find it on another’s behalf

I do not fear my own individual craft

I am lion

Embrace your animal sage

Unleashed from your self-made cage

Feel the ignored deep primordial rage

You are lion


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