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Excerpt from journal – Ending trip from Newark to Buffalo

Seeing a clouds shadow from the ground compared to a clouds shadow from the sky are two vastly different things.

I wonder if Kerouac would have flown more if he had the chance.

Probably not,

McCandless didn’t.

Everyone needs to love something,

or at least be loved.


I meant to write this before –

I have trouble writing when asked to write,

or even when I want to write.

It’s something that just comes,

like rain,

when the  day before I had planned for sun.


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Communication without interpretation resulted in widespread silence or Complete and total reliance

Those sleepers, comfortable and sleeping,

The stars are slowing fading,

Try and keep one pinned to your wall.

Waiters, patient and waiting,

The sky is dark and the moon has gone home.

Neon sun shines down,

Waking the men in freight cars,

Warming the women

In the subway halls,

Igniting lazy lovers

In hazy morning covers.

We traveled with thieves, but we did it alone.


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Austere View on the World



The Empty Spaces cry.

The all or nothing type of refugees

running for shelter

as the bombs fall down.

They fall right through the metallic umbrella

exploding any idea of a brave new world.

Catching a-light the gasoline soaked rain drops.



An inferno of insane laughter

that’s driven everyone underground.

The laughter

and the song of yesterday

all buried in the underground.

Leaving behind the buried ones addicted to cheap whiskey and cigarettes

and the rejection letter from god.



Can there, will there, ever be the Blue Sky

or will it always be the Ever-Inferno burning?

Our hearts being baptized in misery

and our dark humor turning us into uncivilized apes.

Should we, could we, just say, “Goodbye Blue Sky!”

and let the pain linger on?


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