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Tanka: 17

Cold sweat, hidden here,

I’m not sure I’ll make it there.

But with the sun bright,

and with the wind at my back,

I think I’ll take to the road.



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Haiku: 19

gravitate, good days.

watching the road shine, good days.

going home, good days.


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Haiku: 15

rain lands on the road,

rain cat jumps between puddles.

I am a rain dog.


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ode to o’holy (a work in progress, of which there are many)

and there are things in this world,

things I’ve forgot.

like this.

and things I remember,

like that.

I’ve wandered nights,

long and alone,

of which there are many.

and heard songs through our collective ears,

stoned and wired,

mouths talking for the sake of talking.

and talking,

talking, talking,

and listening,

listening, listening.

Through nights and days and nights and days.

WE discovered the reasons of life through the moonlights and smoke.

WE discovered the path of the sun through cars and the road.

and WE watched the road unwind beneath us,

the Earth spin beneath us,

pain beneath us.

Joy beneath us.


beneath us.


above us.

WE in the middle,



Misconstruing reasoning for truth,

and finding truth was never at the bottom of the bottle.


If I’m lucky, I’ll be posting a further completed version of “o’holy” from the one posted 11.07.12 sometime soon.

This is an Ode to that, in the sense that its completion will come with the finalization of both works.


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Tanka: 8: An Ode

and this is an ode,

sounding clever, sounding soft.

and it captures how

the sun feels of open road,

and the moon provides escape.


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Guest Check Poetry: 233678

The people on the street walk,

like they really have someplace to go.

But where else could there be,

besides here,

I don’t know.

I’ve heard of sites,

by plane,

by road.

Yet of all these places,

and people,

I sit alone.

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