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prose or poems.

o’holy find love!

move toward a goal.

what was that she said?

stop now.

maybe not.



drugs. drugs. drugs.

stop now.

what did I say to you?

I miss the mother and son who sat behind me, my seatmate, the comfort.

No one makes noise from Roc to Cuse. The Lady who took my seat eats

crackers quietly and rubs her finger tips in the aisle. She flips vanity fair reading

the ads and plows another cracker into her beaked face.

15 minutes till noon, when I’ll allow myself to start drinking the booze I brought along in my bag.

9-10 more hours until Boston. I bought the ticket, I’ll take the ride.

she refuses to

hold conversation. I hope

they sell bottled wine.

All stops went quick, hoping to get into Boston early. Slept from Albany to  Schenectady.

Too many hits of tequila in the bathroom. Just left Springfield, headed toward Wooster.

Had noodles and coffee to burn off some liquor. Both were terrible.

Dinner lady, forty something, black and from Chicago.

Hope to find a sandwich shop in Portsmouth and a good coffee and maybe flowers.

I want time to sit and enjoy a Marlboro.


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Drive North on 95, Over the Merrimack, Leaving Newburyport. Watch All The Steel Ships Float.

I’m not exceptionally old,

but I feel like I’ve met all the types

of people there are to meet.

I sit in this training room and

look around at all these faces

I’ve seen before. There’s the loud Italian

girl, she has so much to say, the young wanna-be druggie boy

(oh he’s just so mysterious), a mother beyond

her prime, an elder who should just retire,

a man roaring about his joyous divorce,

two gossipers at my table – trying to figure out

why I didn’t talk for the first week but now choose to

ask and prod at topics less discussed (I might be at this job

longer than I hoped), a girl with a pinched nose whose mother

never yelled at her, another with tattoos and opinions because

she “sometimes goes out for drinks with friends” and other times

makes comments just to look out the corner of her eye to see if

anyone still cares, and of course someone gives her that attention she craves,

there’s a man with a bald head, quite but pretentious, another with military boots

who drives his motorcycle into work and talks about

how he was a barber, one trainer loud and old and

counting the minutes until her smoke break,

another loud and young, who “hates having the serious talks,

but they have to be had,” and a little queer human resources

man who doesn’t come around much, an old mail room man,

who I’ve never heard spoke, a security guard who focused too much on what

you see above the desk line, and all

their doubles and triples, and me – watching and biding my time.


Old trees and iron,

Take me where you took them all,

I’ll breathe in and love.

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Muted Experience

Those cool vocals howl in my ears as the wind whips through my hair.

I sit and stare at the sunlight sprinkling from the black vastness above as the thundering of cars roll by.

Their exhaust suffocates and chokes the little bit of beauty around like the weakening oak tree I rest my body against.

I don’t know how long it’ll be there for but I know it’ll be there longer then me.

I’m already gone.

I’m just an observer in these matters.


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Sadness in Public

The old man on the phone
Sitting in the corner all alone
Talking on the phone
His face sagging
His eyes red
With crying
Silently as his jowls quiver to keep back the sobbing
And his mouth opens to talk low and halting
The conversation seemed to turn devastating
And no one around him seemed to see the man rapidly saddening
But I did
Quietly observing
Just watching his pain
Writing this poem contemplating
Wether I should go and comfort him
And I do get up wondering
If he saw me as I quickly hurry away


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A shared moment (with Sangretti)

Mary reads to Dr. Mierzwiak out of “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations”; the lines are from Alexander Pope’s poem “Eloisa to Abelard”]

Mary: How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot! / The world forgetting, by the world forgot / Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! / Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d.

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A mess around

Siting in this chair got me thinking real hard
About the life that I live as I gaze at the stars
Keep my mind on the prize and not distracted by the broads
There are bigger matters than the jewels and the fancy cars
Too much weight on my shoulders, I’m not sure I can go far
Mentally been injured, these are my battle scars
No time for these war games, I show my Purple Hearts
I just want to live a good life, what ever that is
Something from the negative to positive
So the whole world is feeling this
Kicking some dope lethal weapon shit
I will tag the world in my message
So the scribes will jot me down for the record
1,2 just check it!
There is too much to say, and not enough words
Metaphorically soaring sky high with the birds
There is no need for the herbs, I am on another level
The psychedelic feeling I obtained from the several
Interactions with my self
To support future wealth
To benefit good health
I’m not just a figurine laying on a shelf
I’m a living organism, a written catechism
Nature’s chemist splitting atoms in the kitchen


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