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Haiku: 15

rain lands on the road,

rain cat jumps between puddles.

I am a rain dog.



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Habitual Cycle

the feeling
of feelings
i feel today,

when i look
out the window
into the grey,

its like the sun
has gone away,

absence of light
i go astray,

but if you asked me
what i would say,

about the feeling
of feelings
i feel today,

i’d answer with a slight delay,
just another normal day


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Space Cadet: Glorious Youth Preserved As An Afterthought

O’holy and high,

Shining without limits.

Do you still gaze at the

Mystery within the moon?


Joyous and strong,

And caught up in endings,

That were taught through movies,

To loud for conversation.

Do you stare at the planes still,

And wonder of the people inside,

And the places they are going?


Angered and aside,


And oh how angry

And loud.

“Forgetting is different,”

This was decisive.

Do you still wait in your driveway,

Waiting for a car to come and pick you up?


Hazy and blurred,

Remembered in a dream,

And happy.

Laying in the grass,

In fields, in dirt.

Do you still wake up

And smile?


I still smile at strangers,

I stare at the moon,

Dance in the sun,

Feel the grass with bare feet.


Do you still dream of the

Things we dreamed of?


I don’t know.

I don’t.

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In the wind…

The petals danced under the fluorescent moonlight

with the breeze passing ever so swiftly

blades of grass began to wander

simultaneously past my eyes

the refreshing deep breathe…mmmmm how it was delicious

never felt so close to life’s meaning

to enjoy it while it lasts

until I woke and realized I floated over my corpse

looking down at what I once was.

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