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The Church Bell Hit The Wrong Note

I woke up and laid in bed,

writing in my head.

Sentences explaining love made and love lost,

girls who I knew and have forgotten and

explanations for the reasons I do the things I do,

(and the things I do not do anymore).

I woke and walked downstairs to get coffee and

to further expand the ideas in my head.

I had a smoke and the writings began to leave my head.

The ideas explaining my generation –

what I at least thought I knew of my generation.

I thought harder.

I remembered a girl who had thin lips and another who

had dark hair and thin hips.

I remember a kid who lit my shoes on fire and

a kid who’s eye I hit with a black walnut.

I showered and forgot more.

I grabbed my pad and headed to the library to try and

get these ideas out before they left.

and the church bell rang,

and the church bell hit the wrong note.

and I forgot.

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Haiku: 30

wake up, get coffee,

put on the game show network,

wait for her reply.

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One Morning Commute

I know.

I know by her eyes mostly-

then there are the other tell tale signs:

the lip bitting

the hair flipping


the finger scratching.

Those just made me hard


I’ve had enough.

“Can i finger fuck you all the way to work?”

She laughs but I know by her eyes.

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Haiku: 16

bubblegum vodka,

amaretto, red bull, shots:

class at 9:40.


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Sweet Morning Symphony


So this morning I woke up.

I don’t know why this was a surprise
but I know it was the light streaming in through the window
-that’s what awoke me.
A white light so bright for a moment i thought i was dead
but then the beating in my chest told me I was still of this world.
For some reason I was disappointed.
The dreams I had been dreaming where so alive

(what a cliché)
and there-in the dreams-the dreams i felt:
the quickened senses,
the content rhythm,
two hearts that beat in unison…
Then you move,
closer to me snuggling into my arms.
I find myself wondering if this was still my dream?

-i really don’t care-

i lay back down.
it’s to early in morning to get up (i never want to leave)
the moonlight is coming through the window
and i remember that final thought
the one before i fell asleep with my arm around you.
The one i whispered to silently in your ear-

“I could die right now.
I’m just…happy.
I’ve never felt that before.
I’m exactly where I want to be.”

You smile in your sleep.


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Morning Confusions

im rubbing my head,
there is a bump and it hurts,
what the hell happened?

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