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A mess around

Siting in this chair got me thinking real hard
About the life that I live as I gaze at the stars
Keep my mind on the prize and not distracted by the broads
There are bigger matters than the jewels and the fancy cars
Too much weight on my shoulders, I’m not sure I can go far
Mentally been injured, these are my battle scars
No time for these war games, I show my Purple Hearts
I just want to live a good life, what ever that is
Something from the negative to positive
So the whole world is feeling this
Kicking some dope lethal weapon shit
I will tag the world in my message
So the scribes will jot me down for the record
1,2 just check it!
There is too much to say, and not enough words
Metaphorically soaring sky high with the birds
There is no need for the herbs, I am on another level
The psychedelic feeling I obtained from the several
Interactions with my self
To support future wealth
To benefit good health
I’m not just a figurine laying on a shelf
I’m a living organism, a written catechism
Nature’s chemist splitting atoms in the kitchen



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