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I think it’s one of the most terrible things to feel in life.

Overwhelming love

turn into blinding hate.


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The Slow Drift Away…

The slow
Begins on harsh whispers
Never fully formulated
But ever present in the eyes
Violently screaming the unspoken truth
Oh so loud-
-SO LOUD it’s left creating
The slow


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Refrigerator Magnet Poem: 20



by | August 8, 2014 · 11:00 am

Refridgerator Magnet Poem: 19


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Tanka: 22

simple sun. show me

love. show me strength in numbers.

show me your secret.

“we all need a change of view,”

he said, “we all need some change.”


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I miss running my hand over my shoulder and chest and neck
And wincing in pain slightly
Looking in the mirror
at the bruises your teeth carefully planted
In hateful love-
A fit of wanting love.
I Used to hate them so much too
But now
Even that specific pain has faded away
Like your face and voice and your smell.
I have nothing left at all
just the fading yellow discolouration
on my heart and soul.

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“sit alone on that river bank till I forget that I can talk”

I fallen in love with every book I’ve read.

I’ve fallen in love with every girl I’ve seen.

I’ll never know if I’m a good writer, I don’t think anyone ever does. I just want to write prose and have people think I wrote down words with purpose – intent. Interest in one’s self is a characteristic a writer needs to have to find importance in their writings; I’m far from interested – or interesting for that matter. I think a good prose comes from a clear mind, not excluding a drunk or drugged mind, but a clear mind in the sense of just knowing at least the next ten words you want to write before you write them. This allows you to think twenty words ahead and begin to plan for the next thirty. I’m at fifty now.

A good writer writes poems for years and switches to prose to try and prove something to himself. Or vice-versa, impossible to say. Chances are he’ll turn back to poetry (or prose), become a critic, an advertiser, a wino, a bum – whatever. He’ll write. Hopeful something might happen tomorrow.

That was fifty.

This is America, with liberty and justice for all.

I’d be happy writing if I just actually could write when I want and not just when my head is too full of words to allow for proper thought anymore and I just have to write to keep from having to carry around a bag of nouns and verbs behind me everywhere I go. Imagine if an accountant could only add numbers when he had thought of so many numbers he literally spewed abstract decimals to his friends while convulsing on his dinning room floor.

The first two lines are the best part of this piece.

I need too practice more.

I’m a long way from the road I want to be on but I’m closer than I ever have been before.

Bird Murder.



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Admiration and Love

The way she embraces me

when we lay in bed

warms my heart from the frigid

Her smile is bright,


joyful to see.

I will do whatever it takes to preserve

It and watch it GROW.

Nurture our love

burning with the white hot intensity of

One Thousand Suns.

A supernova of passion and

Her giggle causes the chain reaction,

Her eyes squinting finely pressing

against her cheeks.

The finely creased dimple from her smile

shows the high extension of her lips,

I admire such definition.

She exudes a confident aura in her walk

shoulders pressing against the sky

Her head above the clouds,

A titan of poise.

All I can do is look up


closer to her atmosphere.

Coming to realize

I’ve been there

All this time, just

Unwilling to see it.


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Definition of “canceled”



by | February 10, 2014 · 10:39 am

The Dancing Firefly

every flaw seems attractive

every quirk seems alluring

every error seems appealing

you can do no wrong in my eyes beautiful woman because ever little thing you do has me in a trance

floating on your energy brings me from the darkest corners of my deadened self the nerves that are numb are awakened from your flawless demeanor that is so absolutely breathtakingly authentic and unforgettable.

My mind is branded by your vibes that transcends in every social scenario that I see you in. I am but a mere demon looking at an angel that is blinding and is out of reach from such a large heart and free spirit that dances in such pure melody.

You turn and twist my soul into spirals and screws. when I’m around you my shape takes different form and is moved by the ceaseless joy that permeates throughout you

your far too good for me and maybe in another world I could connect and tap into the inner workings of your mind and thoughts that compel you to be so captivating to me

Age will never make you wither because of innocence and youthful grace that you posses makes you timeless and unhinged by the superficial universe that surrounds you. you stand alone from it to me

A firefly that dances in the night and brightens it with its glowing radiance, you reflect that notion by dancing in my darkness giving me hope in humanity itself.  Unlike most men I cannot place you in jar and shelve you, making you my own would be wrong because a radiance such as yours should shine for all to see.

You know so much and have so many things that make me smile but you don’t adorn yourself with them like so many countless woman that vainly wear themselves  so shallowly in there nature with their gifts, you stand alone. you think constantly of it and for such pose, lavish praise should be given but isn’t because this world is to small for such a grand gesture of such a person.

This display of modesty only wants me to know more of you. to bask in your effortless glow and energy that comes from you and transcends me like a conduit to an unknown ocean of vast mystery, intrigue and brilliance.

I am but a toad that would swallow your innocence whole that is why I don’t deserve you. warped and distorted by the darkness that slips into my mind. I can only hold you in my dreams and sadly not of this mortal plain that you dance oh so effortlessly and beautifully on.

I will admire you from afar and only hope to transform from the toad that I am to the man that you make me want to become


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