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The Poets Wept

The poets wept
The drinkers drank
The stars bled
And the rest fled

What’s left here in the end
Is simply the best of the worst
The unknown dreams of the ones who didn’t care
And the ghosts of the dead

All the bridges have burned
With no hope no religion
All money and only fame
Everyone else elated on the med

Stuck in a loop of a neo revolution 9
Making sense of rubbish in gibberish
A doped up generation coddled under mother’s care
Taking in everything that they are spoon fed

It was always going to end like this
Ashen skies and blood red seas
Walking skeletons and fat pigs
Divided by cracks created in dread

The dread of what was always to come
but no one listened to what the fools said

Because the poets just wept
The drinkers just drank
The stars just bled
And the rest just fled.



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I miss running my hand over my shoulder and chest and neck
And wincing in pain slightly
Looking in the mirror
at the bruises your teeth carefully planted
In hateful love-
A fit of wanting love.
I Used to hate them so much too
But now
Even that specific pain has faded away
Like your face and voice and your smell.
I have nothing left at all
just the fading yellow discolouration
on my heart and soul.

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written by the factious man Owen Valachi. A word stealer and a liar crafting a dark tantalizing fairytale of love, life, loss. The words stolen detail the relationship of the beautifully flawed Leland and June as they reunite after a traumatic event they endured. Each have there own way of dealing with what has happened but can live with how each path the other has taken?

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My Existing Life

Direction lost
Choices removed
Thoughts irrelevant
Friends distanced
Loneliness close
Depression approaches
My existing life
Meaningless and empty


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A Lamentation for a Lost Land

Many a year ago, a land was unscathed,

while every where else seemed to fade.

Its people believed and persevered,

knowing their ways were protected by the dell.


The land was beautiful before it fell:

a place where people could peacefully dwell,

see the birth of the stems to flowers

and watch the stars from their towers.


A green isle haven untouched by spoiled hands

with a greed in the mind being used as powers.

Not a moment wasted Chronos’s trickling sands.

Every where covered in sweet fruits and beautiful flowers.


Ah, such like a wonderful dream, to watch from conception

to the birth of such fruits and flowers.

Brightening their world with gorgeous mention

with such life for such long daily hours.


Children ran about fearless on the street

raised on the teaching of their elders that meet

The Forefathers lessons taught in the towers of the day

and night that left them feeling gay.


Though the day be bountiful, the night was loved.

Clear skies showed the stars shinning bright

winking at everyone below, their watchful angels peeking out for a sight

while peacefully singing a lullaby to beautiful melody.


A lullaby rapidly sung to a disoriented melody-

A lullaby lost within a corrupting melody.


The black clouds rolled over their tranquility.

Their hearts of valor could only take so much tragedy!

Blood fell from the wars

replacing the watching of the stars.


They were caught up in what they fought-

forgetfulness slipped in-

They forgot for what it was they fought,

their greatest sin.


Blood on their hands poisoned the hearts

valor on each triumphant day.

Time was jaded and reviled by bullet darts;

wasted on humans’ only accomplishment of the six arts.


Thantos won itself a throne today

on these forlorn streets.

A lonely wander is rabid with its way

in the midst of where the red sunlight lay.


Chronos forgive them misusing your precious sands.

They did what they thought they must to protect the land,

Each visitor agrees that you should open your hands

ad through your grasp pass their sands.


All that is left is the ghostly forms of a long gone time;

A throng hideous to the eye waiting for that lullaby and melody chime-

t chime again- reborn like the fruit and flowers gone up in flame .

Waiting, ever waiting, for Chronos to release them of their shame.


They are not pathetic knaves

just lost of their way.

Let your sympathy seep through their graves.

All they ask for is redemption one day.


They saw what was done in the light of the burning stems dieing.

The stars were gone twinkling no more like angels’ gems flying. 


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Definition of “Dismayed”



by | March 7, 2013 · 7:47 am

Choirs Smoking Cigars

You almost lit my cigar.

But you took your fire in other directions.

Not looking back, not even a glance.

But I smiled because I knew it was just a joke.

At least, in my mind, it was the greatest hilarity known to exist.

We can see right through your body of glass, friend.

So don’t try running; you just may shatter.

Try gleaming.

See how far that gets you this time.

Just beyond San Francisco, staring up at that Golden bridge.

You think the waters are cold now?

Wait until you make it to Honshu.

You’ll want to light my cigar.

Where did you take your fire to?


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