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For the Old Man Retired in a Nursing Home Doing His Own Thing (inspiration)

Old man sitting out
On beautiful summer day
Relaxed just because

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Haiku: 32

complex decisions.

I just want to take you there,

we can watch the birds.



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Haiku: 31

robins watch from trees.

I’m watching from my window.

tomorrow, we’ll switch.

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Haiku: 30

wake up, get coffee,

put on the game show network,

wait for her reply.

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Haiku: 27

I spoke it in myth.

Thought in ambiguity.

Realized in truth.


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Random haiku

Dull nights bother me
Gazing at bright lights
Home is not the same

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Every Great Man Dies With a Gut

Everything in life

moves fast. I watched the sun split

the moon, again. and

There’s too many stars

tonight, to pick one for us.

There’s too many stars, faded and used,

to pin one to my

wall and find peace in her hue,

finding my way home to it,

thinking it might work.

You can stay awhile,

waste time and slow down, again,

light a cigarette.

Light a smoke for me,

and give me time to think.

I really don’t think

that I wholly understand

just where I should go from here.


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