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Admiration and Love

The way she embraces me

when we lay in bed

warms my heart from the frigid

Her smile is bright,


joyful to see.

I will do whatever it takes to preserve

It and watch it GROW.

Nurture our love

burning with the white hot intensity of

One Thousand Suns.

A supernova of passion and

Her giggle causes the chain reaction,

Her eyes squinting finely pressing

against her cheeks.

The finely creased dimple from her smile

shows the high extension of her lips,

I admire such definition.

She exudes a confident aura in her walk

shoulders pressing against the sky

Her head above the clouds,

A titan of poise.

All I can do is look up


closer to her atmosphere.

Coming to realize

I’ve been there

All this time, just

Unwilling to see it.



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The Shadow

You walk alongside me day in and day out

Stout and tall like I am

Both knowing and being the darkest part of me

What would you say to me?

Would you judge me for my every action?

Tell me things I am afraid to speak of?

You would be the median to my arrogance or cowardliness at the time

The Yang to my Yin

If only you were able to speak…

The knowledge you probably possess is profound

You have great abilities, such as projecting yourself in more than one direction

Being able to stretch varying distances

Yet you only exist if I do, so I feel like a hindrance

We share the same life but you are the better half in my opinion

Maybe I envy your peaceful existence, and you deserve mine so you can live out life

At times I feel like the shadow of myself, while you were meant to be…the part of me which strong and true.

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Tales of a Broken Man pt2

Here I sit in the secluded section of the library as I am baffled by my current predicament. I have been rummaging throughout my music library when I have this assignment due in the morning, not to mention I am scheduled for breakfast at 10. I am in my mind’s eye attempting to create some foresight on the situation and how everything will come together knowing that it is probably unlikely. Yet, you never know…or at least that’s what I believe. The impossible is always bound to happen and you do not have any control over that. This weekend taught me that, you just gotta roll with the punches and make countermeasures according to the pattern of things at the moment. That unpredictability is what gives life it’s spark. Some don’t seem to see that, to conformed to the social standards that we’ve placed for millenniums. Heavy? Yes it is. It is bigger than you and I. We all need answers. I know I am looking for them my damn self, hence why I write. My hypothesis states that by writing, a person can really tap into another part of the soul. So I am going to challenge myself to read more as a declaration for my summer goals before school is back in session. Let’s see how it goes, I’ll keep you posted.

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What I want

She is just smokin’

I want to put her to my lips for a drag

Classy and subtle, her walk is just so fierce

Her words caress my ear as if they made love to my subconscious and out came my mind

She runs it everytime.

Those eyes of hers pierce me with every glance

When we lock, they dance

In the night sky, soaring high and by…yet I’m too shy

She makes me quiver with anticipation, so this is my proclamation!

Of love…to you, this from my heart is true.

If I hand you my shoe, place it on your foot and then feel the dents in my soles that match my soul for the toll I’ve paid

Do you feel the same way? Don’t mind me, my mind’s eye is blind see…

So my mouth decides to speak in order for you to hear me

I just want to taste you forever…


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“That’s Not Who I Am.” (5-7 stanzas)

And so we went

with nary a word into the dark night.

The headlights illuminated little around us

leaving us with a dim understanding of where we were going.

That was for the best,

I tried to convince myself.

That was all apart of this letting go theme.

But was this who I am?

My eyelids were starting to fall.

I looked over at the man with no name.

Saw his silhouette waving in and out of focus,

looking ghostly.

He’d moved onto smoking a joint

and singing under his breathe with the Goldberg Sisters.

I saw shinning tears running down his cheeks.

I wipe away the salty wet from my cheeks

and just as I fall asleep he punched the radio off,



“That’s not who I am.”



I woke up when we came to a screeching halt.

My head flung forward and then snapped back.


screamed the man with no name.

My foggy eyes cleared quickly, panicking about what could have happened.

I jumped out of the car.

He was just standing at the edge off to the edge of the headlights.

Feet planted.

Arms crossed.

Back to me.

Cautiously I joined peering into the murky darkness the lights tried to pierce.

My eyes widened.

We stood on a precipice of a gorge.

He laughed,

“Marla was right!

You might die at any moment.

The fucking tragedy?

You don’t!”

“Would have killed us?” I yelled, in fright,

in anger,

in excitement.

He winked at me,


“That would have made you a murderer!”

He winked at me again with a scary smile,

“That’s not who I am.

Who are you?”



Walking toward the car, he let out a barking laugh.

My vision went funny and my body began to ache.

Then they came in big billboards

that passed me on this stagnant road right by the ledge.

I saw Lowell being built in the Industrial Revolution.

Flashing before me I witnessed Kerouac sitting at his typewriter,

my parent’s pointless mundane lives,

the banking job I had,

the kids poking fun

(that pain still burning).

Showing me fully connected to the social media of the day-

Showing me a slave to the entirety.

I felt sick as I fell to my knees covering my eyes.

“Why is this happening?”

“Showing you a Jack’s wasted life.


“That’s not who I am.”

He winked again with that scary smile.

Walking toward the car, he let out a barking laugh,

“That’s not who I am!”


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