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The Slow Drift Away…

The slow
Begins on harsh whispers
Never fully formulated
But ever present in the eyes
Violently screaming the unspoken truth
Oh so loud-
-SO LOUD it’s left creating
The slow



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There is this dream I have…

This dream I have, begins and ends in a building.
Just me and five other men who are all now dead.
All inspirations to me but stuck doing the same job as I do.

There is Ginsberg,
Stroking his cock and balls
Explaining the benefits of enrolling.

There is Poe,
All dark and Goth
Refusing to call people because his crying will stop, nevermore.

There is Kerouac,
The ringleader even here
Smoking his joints, writing from memory and not fucking caring.

There is Thompson,
Feverishly writing
Chronicling every detail somewhat drunk-mostly tripping.

There is Bukowski,
looking like shit-drunk and lonely-
fucking some broad at his desk, groaning not talking.
Then there is me
Trying to work
But utterly failing with this cacophony so damn deafening.

This Dream I have, I think it’s telling me something.
These 5 men are sending me subliminal frequencies.
But that’s a secret that I wont let out here.


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The Dancing Firefly

every flaw seems attractive

every quirk seems alluring

every error seems appealing

you can do no wrong in my eyes beautiful woman because ever little thing you do has me in a trance

floating on your energy brings me from the darkest corners of my deadened self the nerves that are numb are awakened from your flawless demeanor that is so absolutely breathtakingly authentic and unforgettable.

My mind is branded by your vibes that transcends in every social scenario that I see you in. I am but a mere demon looking at an angel that is blinding and is out of reach from such a large heart and free spirit that dances in such pure melody.

You turn and twist my soul into spirals and screws. when I’m around you my shape takes different form and is moved by the ceaseless joy that permeates throughout you

your far too good for me and maybe in another world I could connect and tap into the inner workings of your mind and thoughts that compel you to be so captivating to me

Age will never make you wither because of innocence and youthful grace that you posses makes you timeless and unhinged by the superficial universe that surrounds you. you stand alone from it to me

A firefly that dances in the night and brightens it with its glowing radiance, you reflect that notion by dancing in my darkness giving me hope in humanity itself.  Unlike most men I cannot place you in jar and shelve you, making you my own would be wrong because a radiance such as yours should shine for all to see.

You know so much and have so many things that make me smile but you don’t adorn yourself with them like so many countless woman that vainly wear themselves  so shallowly in there nature with their gifts, you stand alone. you think constantly of it and for such pose, lavish praise should be given but isn’t because this world is to small for such a grand gesture of such a person.

This display of modesty only wants me to know more of you. to bask in your effortless glow and energy that comes from you and transcends me like a conduit to an unknown ocean of vast mystery, intrigue and brilliance.

I am but a toad that would swallow your innocence whole that is why I don’t deserve you. warped and distorted by the darkness that slips into my mind. I can only hold you in my dreams and sadly not of this mortal plain that you dance oh so effortlessly and beautifully on.

I will admire you from afar and only hope to transform from the toad that I am to the man that you make me want to become


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What I want

She is just smokin’

I want to put her to my lips for a drag

Classy and subtle, her walk is just so fierce

Her words caress my ear as if they made love to my subconscious and out came my mind

She runs it everytime.

Those eyes of hers pierce me with every glance

When we lock, they dance

In the night sky, soaring high and by…yet I’m too shy

She makes me quiver with anticipation, so this is my proclamation!

Of love…to you, this from my heart is true.

If I hand you my shoe, place it on your foot and then feel the dents in my soles that match my soul for the toll I’ve paid

Do you feel the same way? Don’t mind me, my mind’s eye is blind see…

So my mouth decides to speak in order for you to hear me

I just want to taste you forever…


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My Deepest Desire

Souls touching at their tips

Piercing words that cut me from your lips

My Heart’s pounding alarmingly fast

Out of breath completely gassed

You have me

A fire that dances and burns the soul

A wild flower that shines so brightly no sag no loll

A fluttering butterfly so ambient so full

It’s hard to breathe

Stuttering and shaking wondering if my hearts worth breaking its yours for the taking

So reap it

Uninhibited water that just floats all around me

Drowning me completely draining my entire being

To touch such a fire your hand would only burn

But I invite the flames and will let them consume my soul

I invite the danger even if it brings me to my darkest woes

I’m standing here

A pilgrim in search of a fire that I never thought existed which leaves me tight confused and conflicted

Completely constricted, sexually afflicted, morally restricted consumed and conflicted

You are a bird completely free and boundless

I wanna fly with you


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Choirs Smoking Cigars

You almost lit my cigar.

But you took your fire in other directions.

Not looking back, not even a glance.

But I smiled because I knew it was just a joke.

At least, in my mind, it was the greatest hilarity known to exist.

We can see right through your body of glass, friend.

So don’t try running; you just may shatter.

Try gleaming.

See how far that gets you this time.

Just beyond San Francisco, staring up at that Golden bridge.

You think the waters are cold now?

Wait until you make it to Honshu.

You’ll want to light my cigar.

Where did you take your fire to?


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Maybe it was all of those eloquent and intricately designed tattoos on her slender body.
Maybe it was the way she wore her amber hair;
Barely styled, half of it pulled up, half of it flowing elegantly down to the small of her back; right above that fine ass of hers.
It could have been the way she spoke;
Vocabulary as if she were a Stanford graduate, yet there was that splash of vulgarity that was somehow so damn attractive.
Her style was her own, simple as that.
Sneakers, but she had those nice pair of brown boots hidden in her closet, too.
She just didn’t try too hard to impress, unlike the majority of these bimbos that prance around this tiresome town.
She didn’t wear sunglasses when it was dark.
She was true. She was her.
The level of admiration for her was out of this world.
I wouldn’t expect a single person to understand these thoughts.
But I just wanted to light one up right there.
Mosey outside and watch her slowly follow me, just to catch a buzz.
And so it begins.
I admire her.


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