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Haiku: 32

complex decisions.

I just want to take you there,

we can watch the birds.



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It Was Right

Ever wonder what occurred in the other world when you took that left road to get to here? Wait, here?
Ever wonder if you should have said left, instead of ‘Yes, a right. This right.’
When that taxi cab driver in Jersey asked ever so sweetly, with his California sunglasses on, on that dreary Wednesday afternoon in the month of March.
You’re there now.
You have the fastest car in the game.
Are you using it to your full advantage this time around the block?
You were right.
Right about your right.



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You Are Crayola

Mind as free as a ’60s hippie
Hiding between the indecipherable layers
Who will they be today?
A golden key
Or a spiritless wall as frigid as a window pane in a Buffalo blizzard
But be a sun, to someone
As loud as a booming thunderstorm,
During a Mississippi tornado
Be afraid; be anxious
But no, be a storm chaser instead
Giving in to the bitter bleakness.
Choose the color the world will be.
Choose the color your world will be.

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