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Lost in translation

It’s hard to differentiate the sad from the happy if both are caused by the same entity. What more can a man do but be torn through each transition, wondering how the next day will develop.
Lost in his own mind, scurrying about for meaning and reason, alas, it vanished in the abyss that is his cerebral cortex. It comes as no surprise that retribution for the pain is paid in full, yet there’s nothing to say that isn’t even creating a difference.
Let the two divide and finally maintain a differential to diagnose each ailment and treat in such matters.



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The bulleted bulletin

I want you I want me I want to be I want to be on bended knee I beg of thee to give to me a single sin for free and pay to thee the fee of all sins you owe to me

So pay them back bet on black dances with jacks of spade to be splayed of a normal way to you or me to be A smokers chest of bullets and vests that fly and press the vest to take the crest

Of lies in skies and dreams of pies alive that cant summarize the sky of what it reads and feeds to need or creed of what’s to be believed

Then there is a fare that no one pays and says to spray of disarray of eyes that bend and sway to melodies that are dead and frayed

To know is this a fellows piss to drink to think a lonely fist that dances and moans all alone to hives it brings a honey drone

That if its they’re then no one cares the fly it moves to disprove and allude to mistaken moods and mistaken cues oh how crude this fly is so rude to flap its wings around me

Only to sing and sing a mistaken ring of sound that touches the ground and raises the mound tricking all those around and fools to be found dead and beside me

Oh wait its over picked the last petal on the four leaf clover your luck is dry your hair is dyed and you have changed to see

A man of chores and settled scores and lost wars of chosen lore of snores and stories that bore the silence in his head as he tries to go bed his mind isn’t feed and his arms for of lead as he lays there dead to be reborn

To learn again and so hello to friends as a Sheppard’s men with Sheppard’s eyes watching and bored of sheep that can’t surprise with a genuine thought

To weep and seep the sullen doe as its innocence has dripped for its evil foes that stand there all alone never knowing if love can be learned again.

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Half – Awake

Dwindling thumbs, my brain tingling from rum, I must be dumb
To not know how to present myself
Alas, there I sat on my top shelf
Staring down as I felt – the hands of another running on my leg. The touch shared a vibrant warm, misleading with intentions unknown. Sweet lips, tasty like a ice cream cone. An embrace equal to the oblivious nirvana Budda placed emphasis on. What do I take from this? I don’t know if it’s permanent but I will enjoy this endeavor until the last bell tolls….. DING!

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Sleight of Heart

I feel cold…inside and out. It was traumatizing just to even say such a thing to her. Letting out all of those thoughts was a true challenge, I almost couldn’t bear it. Yet there I sat, with my face adamant and stern. How could I even bring myself to continue the conversation, how could I add more insult to injury? Telling her I don’t know if I’m still in love with her was tragic enough, let alone me adding in the fact that I may be attracted to other women who share similar interests with myself…and to this day I will forever cherish Gavree in my heart. Sometimes I ask myself if she is the one for me, sometimes I think she only clings to our very relationship because “it is comfortable and feels right”. At the end of it all, I am confused still…yet I want to play it out to see how it is suppose to be in the end. Time will tell and The Lord will show me what Must do. Until then, I will follow my heart and try to fix the love that seems broken between us, hopefully the spark she once had in her eyes will return to ignite my passion towards her.


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The Jango within my mind

Why is it that I don’t love you anymore? How do you upset me so?
I feel that even though we are polarized opposites that should attract, I feel repelled like we are similar electric charges.
Those days when it rained and you held me for warmth don’t feel the same, now I feel stuck in a rut.
Unknown to my own feelings at the moment.
It’s hard for me to understand myself at this point, it’s as if my world is tipping over into oblivion even things seem to shine bright momentarily.
I’ve become intrigued with others that are not you, who are vibrant and eccentric. Through your changes and distrust in me, I feel cornered now. You and I don’t sync as we use to, for now you are in the defensive with any and everything. I knew we wouldn’t be the same after you lost your trust in me, yet you still decided to prolong this and it has only caused you more suffering, knowing this information, I feel I am not the right person for you. As your lover and best friend, this has become the only conclusion I have at the moment and I don’t know what to do. I want you to completely let go and forgive me…alas I know it won’t happen even though you have made those claims before. We try to bandage out wounds, yet we forgot to sterilize them before concealing them, now they have created a disease that seems untreatable at the moment…what are we to do from here?

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Where is Your Pair of Scissors?

Like a wind that keeps your hair in front of your face

A fly that just won’t leave you be

You can’t escape it

The feeling, this feeling

Like my brain is tangled

All the strands weaving around; no end in sight

To finding the way out of the knots

Like an impossible scrambled word puzzle

It’s taking hours

And by hours, I mean days

One string untangles; a new knot appears

I want my mind in perfect organzation

So neat, so neat!

No sleep when all the knots do is pull

Pull at each other

What if it just becomes one knotted ball

Oh, the fear, the fear of insanity

One knotted ball that you can never get loose

Stuck in your mind with not a single way out

They say that the light will come again

But what exactly will the light do; it can’t untangle the knots

Scissors, a tool I desperately need.

Free my mind from the insanity that keeps multiplying

Still multiplying.

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Austere View on the World



The Empty Spaces cry.

The all or nothing type of refugees

running for shelter

as the bombs fall down.

They fall right through the metallic umbrella

exploding any idea of a brave new world.

Catching a-light the gasoline soaked rain drops.



An inferno of insane laughter

that’s driven everyone underground.

The laughter

and the song of yesterday

all buried in the underground.

Leaving behind the buried ones addicted to cheap whiskey and cigarettes

and the rejection letter from god.



Can there, will there, ever be the Blue Sky

or will it always be the Ever-Inferno burning?

Our hearts being baptized in misery

and our dark humor turning us into uncivilized apes.

Should we, could we, just say, “Goodbye Blue Sky!”

and let the pain linger on?


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