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These Lines are a Poem of Single Line Poems (and notes)

For a week, I’ve dreamed the phrase “my teeth fell out, like ivory typewriter keys,” waking and throwing my numb limbs at my face frantically searching and frantically finding.

what a relief

I think listening to He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms doesn’t make you a better anything, just maybe appreciative.

Don’t repeat lines I’ve said to you, trying to get me back on board the ship.

About Me: I’m not the biggest fan of dreadlocks or hula hooping.

Should I keep a notebook for this or just try and remember them?

Step One: Proving the Power of Myth – Establishing Your Very Own Myth.

He said, “well, ya really gotta get yourself published.” I said, “Oh?” Pretending like that was news.

And on the second day, we met Mountain, his sister Moon and brother Sun.

Everyone’s walking by like they actually have someplace to go.

I’ll write a longer one sooner or later.

“Life is a pity. Close the book, go on.”

I’m pretending.





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written by the factious man Owen Valachi. A word stealer and a liar crafting a dark tantalizing fairytale of love, life, loss. The words stolen detail the relationship of the beautifully flawed Leland and June as they reunite after a traumatic event they endured. Each have there own way of dealing with what has happened but can live with how each path the other has taken?

Check it out on:


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I Don’t Even Know You

i dont know who you

are, i like you sincerely,

birds together as

one, team made informally,

thanks willow coordinately!

memo: I appreciate you liking my writings and I like yours as well. Although we may not know each other, us birds fly strong. Basically I’m saying, even if I am more recent than you, this blog is a great thing, but you already knew. Keep voicing your opinion and let everyone know, the birds will continue to put on a good show! Thanks to Willow Hutton!


ALSO: A thanks to all you bloggers who sit there and read, and like the thoughts of which we create. It’s really great to have people that care, so again thank you from all of us here!!!


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