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Space and Time

I feel the pull already.

The pull that somehow made the idea already feel like a distant memory.

How did this happen so soon? And what am I supposed to do now?

Because you can’t hold on to something that was never really even yours.

It’s probably true time will fade the memories, but I still feel so fucking resentful that this idea’s throat was slit and left to die

by the mercilessness that is space and time.



the void grows deeper as the potential of the idea slips away with the passing days.

Perhaps that’s what I am so angry about-the lack of control.

I’ve come to grudgingly understand the sheer power of space and time, and how often this power is not yielded in our favor.

So if all we are are voiceless chess pieces played by these relentless assholes,

then what am I supposed to do with this stubborn spirit that can’t accept such a deterministic fate?


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Austere View on the World



The Empty Spaces cry.

The all or nothing type of refugees

running for shelter

as the bombs fall down.

They fall right through the metallic umbrella

exploding any idea of a brave new world.

Catching a-light the gasoline soaked rain drops.



An inferno of insane laughter

that’s driven everyone underground.

The laughter

and the song of yesterday

all buried in the underground.

Leaving behind the buried ones addicted to cheap whiskey and cigarettes

and the rejection letter from god.



Can there, will there, ever be the Blue Sky

or will it always be the Ever-Inferno burning?

Our hearts being baptized in misery

and our dark humor turning us into uncivilized apes.

Should we, could we, just say, “Goodbye Blue Sky!”

and let the pain linger on?


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Pay back

Looker of looks with looking eyes
Waiting to pick with picking eyes
Indiscernible in the size of a man that never spoke to you
Like a vulture sitting on your pompous branch
You wait to pick at all people who look like ants
However, a stance in which you stand had no reprimand
So you krinch and hate the men who dance
Mirrors are not familiar to a face that chooses to not look at them
Only choosing ones eyes to be the mirror of all men is a fragmented position that falls to the ground like glass
Do these voices bounce off in your head like walls that close in on a mind that a mind that cannot recognize its own value?
Chasing only the strong minded and strong willed
You try to knock down towers that cannot be knocked, cannot be rocked or even shocked by your disposition
I’m sorry that you could not find your voice in your own
Your infrastructure is a falsity, roads have fallen, stars have blown, planets have been eviserated
So do not build walls that will fall down in your life time
A clinch, a whisper, utter silence to build up eternal perpetual violence
You are silent to a a world that moves constantly without you or with you
That rage you hold will be the fuel to your own demise
Hate burns and fades water turns in disarray to the cage that you place yourself in
That is not my problem that you are alone, go home and sleep.

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Her Fingers Wrapped Around His Arm

Why does it hurt so much?

That picture with her small fingers wrapping around his arm.

The large gleeful smile spread across her lips

reflected in her eyes, shining happy.



I am well aware that things were doomed to end.

For such a long time now…

But I always hoped it would get better.

The pain and the scars erased away with better times.

But those times never came

and still I hoped.

Here now is the end of all that hope.

This picture accidentally stumbled upon.

With the happiness and smiles so apparent.



My heart it breaks a little

and I feel violent and angry.

But I only ever had a romantic view on how things should have been.

A hopeful wish only.

It still hurts.

Makes my blood boil.

I was always taught to make things work…



…that’s where I have to stop…



Was this the only way to make things work?

I clench my teeth.

Force a smile.

Put the image back down.

Maybe it was…

But the images of her so happy in his company

are branded onto my heart with arsine.




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Yeah Right, Just Play With Your Toy Randy

just fuck off randy,

leave us alone, we’ll crawl in

this cave, we dont do

what we’re told, so go eat worms,

you mother fuckin loser

Inspired by King of the Hill episode The Son That Got Away

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Speaking In Tongues

Everyone says the same thing to me

“You need to decide what you want to do in life”

You are not living in my shoes, I have the right to wander

and get by on my own

They all sound foreign to me

Continue to manage yourself

I will tend to what benefits me

You are just a product of your government

I want to be the product of what I decide to be

My work is never done, I will overcome

You and your blabber is oblivious to my ears

It just reminds me of the crickets in the midst of the night

Echoing through the woods as the other insects buzz around

Orchestrating their own Melody

To me, it is a nuisance and you should re-frame from talking


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