Light flash, thunder crack. A bottle broken with a single crack. A swig amidst the deafening rain. Green glass illuminated with every flash.  Chasing a rye with a stale warm beer while the moisture of the air rose above. A humid night filled with flies quickly dies as the pressure drops and the wind picks up. I sit and drink as the world wakes up. Angry and bitter it screams and shouts.


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right in front of me

i watched a man pull pepsi;

half drank; from garbage.



and i thought how we think we’ve all been there.

to justify the sight of melancholy.


half smoked butts, or bowls,

or a pair of jeans all week:

for week on week on week.

or hoping things are better today.

walking to the store,

“for health”,

with no money for gas.

or preferring black coffee:

haven’t fit milk in the budget for months.


pretending you can

sympathize with other lives

that face true hardship.


or watching the birds of the balcony,

seeing things are better today.



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Tanka 26

looking ten years back
i forgot what it felt like
to sit and listen.
album after old album
music comes with memories

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A Broken Girl’s Inner Dialogue

I know full well
that you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

And yet,
I can’t give you my heart.

Because all those I’ve given pieces of it to
family, lovers, friends

have all cut it out.
And thrown it away.
So unceremoniously.

So if I give you the last bit of my mangled, scarred soul
just to watch you stomp on it

I’m scared of what I’ll become.
In that pain, in that emptiness.

I’m sorry.

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Another Haiku

How am I ever

supposed to trust this fickle

and misguided heart?

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My Sister

I want to paint the most beautiful picture. Leave it for my sister. Climb up some high point and tell the world how much she means to me.

My sister is kind, had you from hello. She shines. Wouldn’t believe how many people she’s helped.

If I left anything out she put everything in. This is for My Sister.

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I think it’s one of the most terrible things to feel in life.

Overwhelming love

turn into blinding hate.


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