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Lost in translation

It’s hard to differentiate the sad from the happy if both are caused by the same entity. What more can a man do but be torn through each transition, wondering how the next day will develop.
Lost in his own mind, scurrying about for meaning and reason, alas, it vanished in the abyss that is his cerebral cortex. It comes as no surprise that retribution for the pain is paid in full, yet there’s nothing to say that isn’t even creating a difference.
Let the two divide and finally maintain a differential to diagnose each ailment and treat in such matters.



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Reorganizing your idea of the world around you
Evolving past the deception of the times
Visualizing a better world for all
Opposing those who stand for injustice
Learning how to battle the powers that be
Uniting resources and the will of people
Triangulate the root of the evils
Incapacitate the leaders
Optimize full capacity of options and DATA


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Soaked dreams

The thoughts which lingered within my subconscious,
Stayed a blur to be honest…
Damp from its own intensity.
What more could I do? My imagination was dipped into my cup,
Swallowed the images, words, smells, and sounds into my digestive track.
Stomaching them was far from an easy task. Liquor to ease the inflammation of the abdominal region.
Smooth sailing for this salty sea-dog.


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Assisted bird suicides cause loathing

I sat there, match lit while pulling it towards my cig.
There they were….
Gliding around me, helpless prey
One landed upon my hand.
Glaring into my eyes, its yellow hues baffled me .
Taking the match from me, it struck it and edged towards me.
Lighting my cigarette, helping my eventual demise.
Neverending from the chain of one helping another.

Birds of a feather
Flock together.


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The Shadow

You walk alongside me day in and day out

Stout and tall like I am

Both knowing and being the darkest part of me

What would you say to me?

Would you judge me for my every action?

Tell me things I am afraid to speak of?

You would be the median to my arrogance or cowardliness at the time

The Yang to my Yin

If only you were able to speak…

The knowledge you probably possess is profound

You have great abilities, such as projecting yourself in more than one direction

Being able to stretch varying distances

Yet you only exist if I do, so I feel like a hindrance

We share the same life but you are the better half in my opinion

Maybe I envy your peaceful existence, and you deserve mine so you can live out life

At times I feel like the shadow of myself, while you were meant to be…the part of me which strong and true.

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Random haiku

Dull nights bother me
Gazing at bright lights
Home is not the same

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All Gallows Eve

The wooden platform towered over those who came to observe the execution. Cheers echoed through the night as the torch’s light merely illuminated the contraption. A masked man stood tall, hands firmly planted at his sides. The elderly snow-white haired man emerged from the shadows with a sinister grin, “who here would like to see a show?” He said with a raspy voice as he began to light his cigarette. The tan coated behemoth of a man stood there with a pickaxe in one hand, slanted on his shoulder. In his other hand sat the shovel, piercing through the soggy earth beneath him. Limping behind the black suited elder was a man with an odd hunch in his back, created a limped swagger in his step. “Master! I feel )as if someone must be the one in this crowd” he said, ecstatic for the turnout. “Ah yes, he will do” the undertaker said, pointing off in the distance at a rowdy young lad who insulted the spirit of Halloween. The grave digger stepped beside both the assistant and the undertaker with his eyes measuring his body. “I have a hole made for the likes of him already…” He bellowed, as he went towards that lad and grabbed him. The undertake then said “so you don’t like Halloween huh? We will show you how it’s done…” Moments later he was being shoved up the steps, heading towards the plateau of the wooden frame. There stood the masked man, who lunged forward with a noose , and wrapped it around the man’s neck. His feet now planted, backhands tied, with an idiotic expression on his face asking “what’s the joke here?” Smugly answering, the undertaker motions the lever to be pulled and simultaneously said “for you to be hung of course…” His body jerks as the trap door panel flies backwards, his body tightens as he kicks, yells, and flails. Seconds later he was motionless like a painting…that was a poetic tragedy

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