Numbing Realities the story of Arthur Bingsley Part 1

Hey people of the nest I’ve been experimenting with writing short stories this what I got so far enjoy

Here’s a story that minds that rarely meet, here’s a story about the conflicting ideologies of Capitalism and humanitarian undertones that swept the 20th fucking century.

I saw that Gypsy clown again dancing right in front of me trying to get his coins to reach the next destination he had to be, According to him. This wiry Bronze haired gentlemen was holding a bag of his own feces. Being that I am a Defense Attorney and I have came across toothless wonders like this before I find Myself completely unfazed by his unfortunate nature, due to my long history with social work with pro Bono work. His Name was and of Course I’m quoting him when i say this;” Arthur Bingsley”. he had the yellowest eyes that I have came ever across, however his right eye had a tinge of red touching the outside of his pupil. He said it was his “wiser eye”, for what ever that means I’m not sure. His clothes having a dirty regal and old fashioned nature to them as well as his name ,suggests to me hat he has a notion he was from the 18th century or something.  I can’t say that I didn’t like him he had a very genuineness to him, despite his delusions and mild cases of schizophrenia, he was not at all a dangerous or violent person.  So I gave him all change I had and he said  ” farewell young journeymen good luck in your ventures, and I bid you Adieu”, Its funny I never Knew what the fuck he meant by that but he said that every single time. I know, I know he’s a bum I’m not helping him by giving change and believe me coming from Washinton D.C the Homeless mecca of the U.S. and Ironically the nations capitol as well, I never give change to bums. Reasons being; One I’m Cheap, two coming from second generation Irish parents of nine children you got make your own fucking way and fight for every scrap you get, and finally three I guess I don’t give a fuck about the plight of my fellow man unless it has a dollar sign at the end of it. what Can I say I got this capitalistic mind set that Ayn fucking Rand babbles on in her stupid fucking books that I had to read in undergrad but I didn’t give a shit, I knew who I was and I knew what I was doing. To me everything has been earmarked and anyone can be got and their it is. Enough about though this Arthur Bingsley was really something, he was entertaining and despite his many flaws he was very talented individual. to this day i’m still not sure if he is a better con artist than myself and secretly I admired the fuck. It was like the Vulcan mind meld with this guy he knew how to connect with audience. if it was kids he made them animal balloons, rich snobby ivy league liberal fags he would quote Shakespearean literature, serenade ugly, fat or old women with songs from the top of his head with guitar in hand. it didn’t matter he did it. I mean I caught him on his crazy day I guess but bums I guess have days worse compared to mine.



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2 responses to “Numbing Realities the story of Arthur Bingsley Part 1

  1. I really enjoed this story, it is really believable . Both the narrator and the subject were enchanting as you say a Vulcon mind fuck if you will excuse the language! …. You get off to work Arthur can sing me another song!! ;)

  2. I liked the story, it was really entertaining and I look forward to part 2. Keep up the good work.

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