Silent Prayer

Learned SILENT and LISTEN have the same letters. And the minute I did a light went off in my head. It went off. The opposite of on.
There was a time when words only had one meaning,
before folks got so technical and everyone criticized you because you weren’t using it correctly or it wasn’t in the right spot.
Can’t blame them we all have evolved. Together for the sake of…lets say echos. Aren’t they amazing.
Its the voice or sound of something that originates and then duplicates instantly. But an echo needs something in order to even echo. It needs space. Not keen on what kind I just know screaming in the car wont create an echo.
People screamed centuries ago that suffered, still listening to the echo or have you become silent.
Maybe your HEART is no good on this EARTH.




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3 responses to “Silent Prayer

  1. I like to come back to this piece. I get a little more from it everytime.

  2. jlwanderer

    Solider on, Nice piece

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