Calling out to the wild man out in the corner in there, grab your club and drinking horn and bring a hell that no ones heard before and let the fires consume you incarnate. The madness cannot be definable or determined by concrete things so wild man live on and be free live like no man has ever lived before. Don’t look BACK because you will surely turn to stone and die an average man. Your kind is not alone just silently waiting there turn to be counted and to be realized. Fight and run because you surely will not feel what others are feeling. However keep in mind the code of chivalry that binds you to reality otherwise let the rest folly in niceties and measuredness for it is surely not meant for you to live this way and you know it to be true deep in the bowls of being. There is a soul that needs to taste randomness and blind assertions for without them you grow in a tired weary state of the afterthought of the world trying to consume your soul. Live free my little wild man and die hard because this is the only truth you know and to go another way makes you an unauthentic piece of shit that moseys around. Breath that hot fucking fire you dragon of a man because that is you….. A wild man


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