The sky cries with stars from it’s eyes. The tears pass through the bright ribbons of purple, red, and green as they pass by into the night. And as I sit from atop my castle the world’s stirs and yet I am still. The ivy and stone from which I sit is my throne, the seas and sky my kingdom. My castle is in ruins but it holds true. The waves crash at my feet far below they are my armies. The ribbons sway and glide across the teary sky and shine bright in my great hall. I am the king of all that I see. My distant islands and the mysteries beyond them. I am the ruler of my domain yet possessed by the earth. King of the ruins of ivy and stone, illuminated by the northern skies. My words come from me with an icy breeze. I am the North.



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2 responses to “_________

  1. Magnificent. Reminds me of Ibn ‘Arabi. Much enjoyed, well done.

  2. man, nice to see ya back on!

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