The Poets Wept

The poets wept
The drinkers drank
The stars bled
And the rest fled

What’s left here in the end
Is simply the best of the worst
The unknown dreams of the ones who didn’t care
And the ghosts of the dead

All the bridges have burned
With no hope no religion
All money and only fame
Everyone else elated on the med

Stuck in a loop of a neo revolution 9
Making sense of rubbish in gibberish
A doped up generation coddled under mother’s care
Taking in everything that they are spoon fed

It was always going to end like this
Ashen skies and blood red seas
Walking skeletons and fat pigs
Divided by cracks created in dread

The dread of what was always to come
but no one listened to what the fools said

Because the poets just wept
The drinkers just drank
The stars just bled
And the rest just fled.



Filed under Mr. Stacker

6 responses to “The Poets Wept

  1. Speechless man. Love this :)

  2. Mac

    This is beautiful and feels like a foretelling of what will come.

    If you haven’t watched it, you need to watch a movie called Idiocracy.

    It’s supposed to be funny but it frightened me because it looks exactly like where we’re headed.

  3. this is phenomenal! I feel like whatever got you to write this needs to be further tapped.

  4. J.R.Taylor

    Thanks sangretti! I will definitely try to get back into that writing mind.

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