Bird Murder

This Bird tells that Bird, then that Bird tells another Bird and that Bird tells another Bird until every Bird hears about how turkeys are hunted and how ducks can’t find peace. The biggest part of life is growing up, realizing that so many people don’t have goals and you… if you have one…yours is actually coming true. The closer you get, the closer the hunters get. You try to focus your attention on what’s in front of you but can’t go any further because the hunters got a hold of you. Try flying away but more hunters are there when you land. It’s brought you to a point where you feel like giving up, why not? Well in this case because when you go home to sleep at night with your family, the hunters are there. No bird deserves to be hunted, no bird deserves to be murdered. Because ask yourself if you knew that danger was around wouldn’t you fly away.
Bird Murder.
To Be Continued….


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