Assisted bird suicides cause loathing

I sat there, match lit while pulling it towards my cig.
There they were….
Gliding around me, helpless prey
One landed upon my hand.
Glaring into my eyes, its yellow hues baffled me .
Taking the match from me, it struck it and edged towards me.
Lighting my cigarette, helping my eventual demise.
Neverending from the chain of one helping another.

Birds of a feather
Flock together.



Filed under aptenodyte, cireryohei, J.L.Wanderer, sangretti

5 responses to “Assisted bird suicides cause loathing

  1. look, up in the sky and overhead, shoot he darn dumped on my head. :)

  2. jlwanderer

    theses birds are cowardly dogs indeed may your integrity live on forever friend

  3. Mahatoe

    Nice Post

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