The fools court

I laugh in your faces you big fat disgraces with all your baseness you are all so faceless

I Function so high and work all the time while you’ll all laugh in my tired eyes that I have beaten you with

You all suck so bad it makes me quite glad to see you talk about nothing of who what when and what they have

You stupid little sheep you all so meek that you can simply kiss the tips of feet

I am so glad that you are all so mad at the mundanely meaningless meager lives that adorned as fads

These haters full of flies covered in shit they despise the lightning that beams around them until their demise they find the shit

Haters are like fire as you do better they burn the wood you stack that they admire because they are king-less no sire they suck and that’s it

The riddle is not for them that I speak it is for me and only me I do decree on one knee that they have no wood the gaseous sponges they are to me

So Off with their heads because their smoke is choked dumb little souls can only poke and not soak they vastness that they lack thereof to be truly stoked that’s all folks

The court is now adjourned and I’m so fucking sorry vapidity didn’t get its turn but we all must learn that mainstream is average that just burns





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4 responses to “The fools court

  1. Brilliant loved it. I suppose you might have to take me away in chains at some point. ;). xxx

  2. Reblogged this on The problem with society. and commented:
    I really needed to read this right now. You’ve taken all the words I couldn’t pull out from my right and created something beautiful. Thank you.

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