The Tower of babel

Words that spray to blind disarray of a fray that is twisted and mired

In such a way that makes you know

 The truth of thundering hooves that clicks and clacks on top the very roof without a drop of couth

For all of us to hear

A sound that dances around the mound inside the ground

A really soulful thing

To know to take thoughts to grow, water moving even flow with seeds to sow

There are really strong

Wheels they turn, every stone relearned the minds they churn

For the fire of insight

 A mind uses more than a dime a quarter or half the time

Is wastefully

Spun to sunder, blissfully full of thunder, it lacks heart what a blunder

So loosely

Disheveled heaps full of pebbles; minds completely leveled a look at the devil

Their eyes are burning

So bright and full of light, despite the mites that bite their hears are quite

In shambles

The man lays hand in reprimand to find scam that burnt his hand and burn the ham

For is it fiction that I say with diction that what I hold carries no depiction of who I am to listen to soul so sweet to christen and wake up every Sunday morning with a fucking smile on my face




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