Snow Ridden Thoughts

Remember, Remember the snow of December that falls and sprawls to snowy tempers.
Fists are clenched, hearts are pacing, the eyes of the judger is mind erasing of a thought that was squeezed and smothered to death
The dark alleyways and cigarette butts stand still everywhere for all the world to see
The Puffer, the chainer, the puller, the strainer is a meeting of like minds in a chamber of anxious solitude
The bumpy roads and broken streets lights have hardened them all to feel no peace that they deserve in their hearts to truly be immortally free
Beer Bottles had strewn everywhere, where no one cares. Glass broken and emotions broken to a state of rawness
The chugger, the lugger, the sip queen and the steady stream all bust at the seams as all heights are heightened and the memories are suppressed to a state of duress.
And so I say remember, remember the snow of December that falls and sprawls to snowy tempers. Fists are clenched hearts are pacing. The ears of the judger can hear nothing of the placing on the words that wanted to so badly to fit for fit’s sake fell on deaf ears.
The cold tunnels that men walk through, to feel a robotic reality that will never exist for them within their lifetimes because clocks are of an earthly mind not a natural design.
The worker, the jerker, the half blind discerner are all running in pace to catch air with their hands all the while forgetting who surrounds them.
Machines are worn, hands jitter to be placed only in a space that ties feel safe to set them in
The Ticker, the Tocker, The compartmentalizing locker all hold space and time to be so valuable not realizing that time ends for them and have cornflakes instead of true gold inside to mine but chase rainbows of standard and measurement
Will you remember remember the snow of December the time you make is for you to enjoy in splendor



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6 responses to “Snow Ridden Thoughts

  1. T’is a sad state of affairs!

  2. Hither come hither, such a sad snowy winter.
    I love the rhyme scheme, it really does paint the image and traps you into reading.

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