Bird Murder

Move along nothing to see here. Two Eagles squawk. Does anyone know this parrot? No one’s gonna say anything I think we ruffled their feathers. Who cares! We need answers, third dead bird this week with no leads. We can do our jobs or wait for the vultures to come and leave no clues, go over there and ask those hens. This bird murder is senseless. When we were flying up birds didn’t just wind up dead. There’s no room in the nest for nonsense. Some birds over there wouldn’t say much just that the bird wasn’t from around here flew in last night and stayed at the redwood. Bird murder. I had to ask if birds murder one another and to my surprise a lot of people think so. I’m on the opposite end. “The bird that can fly can escape his own death.” As humans we know people committ murder because of the media as birds they know what? That tweety thought he saw a puddy cat. Murder in nature isn’t natural it’s killer vs victim. As a gang of crows show up. The feds. Now it’s impossible to tell if we will get answers. Bird Murder. To be continued.


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  1. It’s the first 48 hours after the murder that matters.

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