The Scavengers and soulless birds



Let the vultures pick and try to gather what they don’t have……..substance

What I’m truly mean is that the pickers pick to fill hole that quits, little shits

To catch your own spoils to build your own homes it is the nomads that try to take from you because they cannot gather it themselves

Knock me down and I only build stronger walls, break me down and I will only become more impermeable

Because the soul is what makes the person achieve all dreams, all ambitions, all wants, all needs

For every idea I conceive to be true I will build it up to skyscrapers design

And the vultures picking will break their beaks and stub their talons trying so hard to gnaw at my unyielding confidence




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2 responses to “The Scavengers and soulless birds

  1. Brilliant, a great post.

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