Blind Ambience

The masked man is coming, oh what color he will wear today.

Will he wear red and tear me apart or will he were green and get my brain to start.

Will he wear orange and be spontaneous today or will he wear yellow and shine away.

Will he wear blue and be a chill dude or will he wear purple and be a royal rude

Will he black and be a loner man or will he wear pink and be a friendly dink

And finally white he will wear because he absent and chilled

Trying to find a color to keep him thrilled this ill chosen will of a dangerous pill

He swallows against his own canvas and covers

Nothing at all just white absent and smothered

Underneath the cover there is no man at all

The masked man that plays with rainbows has lost his call



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3 responses to “Blind Ambience

  1. The clothes don’t make the man, just the mood.

  2. Ah, like aura. Hmmmmm, thought provoking.

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