The Pearl, The Bird, and the Clam

To  every word that is spoken I’m not the one who’s chosen to be in simile of a note that is not my own as I call to every phone I find myself a drone to words that are so vague and expressionless.

My back my knee my chest is jarred by the journey of actions I must travel on this naked path of regret and redemption. Redemption of a words that weren’t true and actions that stood on the other side of the world that makes me numb to answers that are not quite there yet.

The lyre bird can mimic sound so can souls mimic passion or does come from a natural plain that is surreal to our human comprehension of what is. I cannot find a soul that flows from the deepest inner holes of my being. Acting for so long has only made a liar’s bird that harks and crows to the upper sky searching for cornflakes at the end of a salty road that came to be nothing. But the road was long and full of bumps that made me know of the twists and turns of the reality I make for myself.

Every strand of hair has fallen and the taste for life has depreciated its value but that comes with age or the new eyes we give ourselves after the world tells you, you’re wrong. Who cares for gravity of mistakes the more monumental, the more of the person they are and will be. Honestly I can’t find a branch I haven’t broken or a twig that has snapped in my misdirected path toward wisdom and truth that exists inside all of us but we refuse to let in because it is too heavy of a burden to bear.

The truth is we are all misshapen pearls that stand to be remolded and reshaped and I am not ashamed or afraid of the bumps that had to be smoothed in the tight clams mouth so that I would come closer to what I actually need and want to be.  This immortality that we dance with is our search for perfection that we deny ourselves with our pride and vanity that consumes us like the clam consumes the pearl holding its soul. The shell that we adorn ourselves with only holds us from the round, perfect, glimmering pearl that we want to be and once you can remove the tight clams grasp than we can truly have a conversation.


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