The bulleted bulletin

I want you I want me I want to be I want to be on bended knee I beg of thee to give to me a single sin for free and pay to thee the fee of all sins you owe to me

So pay them back bet on black dances with jacks of spade to be splayed of a normal way to you or me to be A smokers chest of bullets and vests that fly and press the vest to take the crest

Of lies in skies and dreams of pies alive that cant summarize the sky of what it reads and feeds to need or creed of what’s to be believed

Then there is a fare that no one pays and says to spray of disarray of eyes that bend and sway to melodies that are dead and frayed

To know is this a fellows piss to drink to think a lonely fist that dances and moans all alone to hives it brings a honey drone

That if its they’re then no one cares the fly it moves to disprove and allude to mistaken moods and mistaken cues oh how crude this fly is so rude to flap its wings around me

Only to sing and sing a mistaken ring of sound that touches the ground and raises the mound tricking all those around and fools to be found dead and beside me

Oh wait its over picked the last petal on the four leaf clover your luck is dry your hair is dyed and you have changed to see

A man of chores and settled scores and lost wars of chosen lore of snores and stories that bore the silence in his head as he tries to go bed his mind isn’t feed and his arms for of lead as he lays there dead to be reborn

To learn again and so hello to friends as a Sheppard’s men with Sheppard’s eyes watching and bored of sheep that can’t surprise with a genuine thought

To weep and seep the sullen doe as its innocence has dripped for its evil foes that stand there all alone never knowing if love can be learned again.


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