Sadness in Public

The old man on the phone
Sitting in the corner all alone
Talking on the phone
His face sagging
His eyes red
With crying
Silently as his jowls quiver to keep back the sobbing
And his mouth opens to talk low and halting
The conversation seemed to turn devastating
And no one around him seemed to see the man rapidly saddening
But I did
Quietly observing
Just watching his pain
Writing this poem contemplating
Wether I should go and comfort him
And I do get up wondering
If he saw me as I quickly hurry away



Filed under Mr. Stacker

8 responses to “Sadness in Public

  1. There might be less sadness if it were in public more, I wager

  2. We do others (but also ourselves) no favors with the self-consciousness you describe so well. Thank you.

  3. seeing an old man’s sadness
    self-conscious tears fall
    inside our lonely hearts
    we walk away
    maybe fearful
    from our sorrow

  4. jlwanderer

    good narrative your use of sensory details is very good

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