Bird Murder (1)

“It would take some getting use to, or in this case it would have to be the object of my affection.”
I relied on what anyone else would and I forgot that I was catchy, that I was me, an unforgettable person with a heart made of pure sadness because when you love someone you cry. I’m that guy, I’m the letter Z, from here on out consider me last but most important. I won’t tie any of this together, I’ll let you be the bird that can’t fly, and anyone who doesn’t think that birds have lives sure should get a parrot and train it. I think the BIRDS know what man doesn’t, in case it doesn’t click, the whole bark up this tree came from me wondering if birds actually murder each other. Same type same size ordeal, we know the eagle is a predator.
The lines from your editor…it doesn’t matter right now if you think a bird will murder.
The bird that can fly will escape his own death,
If that Bird flies at all.
Bird Murder



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7 responses to “Bird Murder (1)

  1. I cannot relate to birds any more than i already do. Your words carry knowledge and honesty.

  2. Hey mane, you should come up and visit when we go back to school on the 12th! I don’t have class till the 14th so things should be good for a couple days.

  3. Mahatoe

    To Be Continued…

  4. northernmalewhite

    Nice word


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