Where is Your Pair of Scissors?

Like a wind that keeps your hair in front of your face

A fly that just won’t leave you be

You can’t escape it

The feeling, this feeling

Like my brain is tangled

All the strands weaving around; no end in sight

To finding the way out of the knots

Like an impossible scrambled word puzzle

It’s taking hours

And by hours, I mean days

One string untangles; a new knot appears

I want my mind in perfect organzation

So neat, so neat!

No sleep when all the knots do is pull

Pull at each other

What if it just becomes one knotted ball

Oh, the fear, the fear of insanity

One knotted ball that you can never get loose

Stuck in your mind with not a single way out

They say that the light will come again

But what exactly will the light do; it can’t untangle the knots

Scissors, a tool I desperately need.

Free my mind from the insanity that keeps multiplying

Still multiplying.


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One response to “Where is Your Pair of Scissors?

  1. Great poem. Pulling at the knots will only make them tighter, with forgiveness, love and understanding they will start to untangle. x

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