But The Lion is Distraught

Better cut the prescription drugs

A few days past yesterday

You’re getting wacky again, Betty

Tone it down a notch, Betty

You’re throwing every stone into the river, Betty

Turning realizations into much worse twists

That’s the problem, Betty

Taking your realizations too far once again

Remember where that has gotten you, time and time again?

It took you to the principal’s office

It got you hit; a black eye

Entire mornings stuck in the snow

Don’t twist it

Just set it politely on the mantle, Betty

View it for a while; don’t do even as much as touch it

Take it in, but don’t change its color

Don’t get wacky, Betty

Step back; fly away for a few days

Or you’ll push the last few of your stones into the lonely river, Betty



Filed under Willow Hutton

2 responses to “But The Lion is Distraught

  1. Hmmm…we seem to have something in common

  2. wow, this is so impressive

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