written by the factious man Owen Valachi. A word stealer and a liar crafting a dark tantalizing fairytale of love, life, loss. The words stolen detail the relationship of the beautifully flawed Leland and June as they reunite after a traumatic event they endured. Each have there own way of dealing with what has happened but can live with how each path the other has taken?

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2 responses to “THE COMPASS by OWEN VALACHI

  1. vivekipereira

    Reblogged this on Vivek Pereira's Blog.

  2. Balls!
    Well, as i have mentioned before, im extremely impressed with your book and the fact that you managed to make those poems to form such a beautiful story. On top of that, you actually published a book! You should be uber proud of yourself!
    I really hope people will show support!

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