On Fumes

Burning out as the days bleed into one another
always caring, always trying, always for them

Giving myself

Take my head.
Take my heart.
Take my body.
Take my strength.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.
They need it more anyways, right?

Heavy eyelids, fatigue setting in…

I’m sorry! You need more?
I’ll dig a little deeper I’m sure I can find something..

Not good enough? Still not satisfied?
Just take it all. Take everything.

Just leave my shell here when you’ve had enough.



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12 responses to “On Fumes

  1. I understand where this poem is coming from. It is amazing.

  2. Exhausted to the bone..

  3. Oh dear.. Rest some. You need your own full attention too, and not just for the span of writing. I hope you feel better. :) x

  4. thepensivecartographer

    i can identify….

  5. This one resonates so deeply within me. Thanks for sharing :)
    Pinging you on a similar piece I wrote recently:

  6. a bonded worker’s voice, it seems…loved this poem!

    • Ah, so true! I’m touched you could see the strong sense of relationship in this, and it took me reading your comment to see it even for myself. Thank you very much!

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