Larissa’s Lullaby

It’s been a long day

            but don’t rest your head yet.

            Listen close my dear,

            you are being called by the roses of the bay:


            ‘Look around, you can’t sleep here!

            It’s not safe away from your bed this day,

But don’t be frightened,

            just secretive you must stay.’


            Ride through lonesome twilight,

            were strife, ashen and sober, is the pay,

            but you’re hidden as you pass this day’s restless valley.      


            My dear, hush now and creep past the dimmed lake prey.

            but don’t despair gallant son!

            Ride through shadow and sunshine pathway,

            up through the mountain of the moon,

            and magical garden array.


At last, here, everything is at peace,

            in its quietude, and sultriness, and slumber night and day,

            Just awaiting your arrival (by now you know)

            To sleep deep my dear, until mornings first ray.



Filed under Mr. Stacker

6 responses to “Larissa’s Lullaby

  1. You are nominated with Versatile and Very Influential Awards, please check at Thank you

  2. Beautiful and serene work!

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