Nadia woke up today wondering,

where the time had went wandering;

And if it was time well spent,

what is it that it all meant?

She fears we will break

and be living only for the wake.

There’s nothing but lost hope…

can there be away to cope?

Some things she’ll never know

left with no where to go.

She asks them to vacate

because she’s got a plan to make.

But they watch her through closed eyes.

Life just goes by unless one defies.

She tries to get the word out

but they only beat her about,

telling her how it would be-

trying to get her to feel empty

(capitalizing on the fact that she is so far from home)

Trapping her under their singular dome.

And so it is, unmovable in their story

squashed of all her potential glory.

Tonight she’ll sit alone feeling cold and empty

and paying the ultimate fee.

Tomorrow she’ll be forced to the old way

sitting in a room with all the others for the “new day”

learning the ways of their lie.

Nonexistent is the sun in the sky.

A twilight has consumed her heart.

That shadow will do its part.


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