Alone at midnight in a desolate field, empty for miles.

The sheer vastness of the darkness presses down upon me.

My heart beats with despair and I look around for something to grasp onto..

but only nothingness surrounds me.

Desperately I turn my eyes upward.

My heart quickens its pace,

but now it races in awe.

I see the beauty that is stretched above me,

for I see thousands of steadfast lights in the night sky.

And it’s not just the familiar constellations,

but the comets, planets and stars of galaxies and systems far beyond.

And I realize the brightest lights are merely single stitches in the blanket of intricate beauty of all that is above me.

After drinking in as much of the scene as I can,

I begin to cast my eyes downward in contemplation

but catching my attention

is a falling star streaking across the sky.

I know it’s for me, and only me.

I smile in revelation:

I could never have seen the true beauty of the light

had I not made the journey through the darkness.



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5 responses to “Purpose

  1. a stunning insight to a moment of revelation! Thank you for sharing.

  2. LucyLiving

    I loved your poem – it captures what must have been such an uplifting experience beautifully!

  3. Have to agree with the above, such powerful piece!

  4. I think so. When people experience darkness then they long for light

  5. Thanks so much for all of your kind comments. And I would have to agree with you, Yoshiko.

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